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Protection Against Possible
Cross Infection

Our disposable one-way valved and single patient-use mouthpieces, filters, and masks are designed to provide protection against possible cross-infection in common respiratory procedures.

Our disposable one-way valved and single patient use mouthpieces, filters and masks are designed to provide protection against possible cross-infection in common respiratory procedures.

The expiratory (red) one-way valved mouthpiece fits standard peak flow meters and spirometers for expiratory use. The patient can exhale forcefully into the peak flow meter or spirometer, and the one-way valve prevents inhaling through the mouthpiece or equipment it is attached to.

The inspiratory (blue) one-way valved mouthpiece provides protection in inspiratory procedures. The patient can inhale freely through the mouthpiece on the In-Check or In-Check DIAL, and the one-way valve prevents the patient from exhaling into the meter.

Disposable adapters for use with the In-Check or In-Check DIAL are available in both pediatric/small mouth and adult sizes.

Single patient use adult and pediatric mouthpieces are an excellent choice when cross-contamination is not a concern. Our high-quality disposable mouthpieces have a non-absorbent finish which provides no sticking to lips, less irritation, and greater comfort.

Single patient use filters trap not only expectorated matter but capture organisms as small as viruses through a polarization effect. The single patient use filter minimizes the spread of infectious diseases. For use with the In-Check or In-Check DIAL.

Single patient use face masks incorporate a flexible dome to ensure maximum patient comfort. The gas-tight, low-pressure seal helps to eliminate leakage. This latex-free mask can be added to help direct the aerosol delivery for pediatric or adult patients. Use with the In-Check.

Fill Line of Chamber Masks
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Use Accessories with Peak Flow Meters, In-Check, In-Check Dial and Spirometers.

  • Available for both children and adults
  • Single patient use saves time and cost of sterilization
  • Very low resistance, does not alter readings
  • One-way valved mouthpieces are designed with a varnished, non-absorbent finish for greater patient comfort
  • One-way valved mouthpiece is adaptable for adult or pediatric use

One-way Inspiratory and Expiratory Mouthpieces
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