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BreatheRite & Vortex®

pMDI Holding Chambers

Holding Chambers attached to your inhaler will help deliver medication more efficiently. The Breatherite has  the advantage of collapsibility and increased portability. Potentially improving compliance among asthma and COPD patients that benefit from holding chambers but are reluctant to carry bulky devices outside their home.

Breathrite Features

  • 22mm O.D. round mouthpiece fits any mask
  • Geometrically advanced chamber allows for natural expansion of medication plume
  • Low resistance exhalation valve angles exhaled breath away from patient’s face
  • Inspiratory aperture eliminates the need for flow signal
  • Anti-static plastic

Vortex Features

  • Works with commonly prescribed MDIs
  • Dishwasher safe, can be disinfected by boiling
  • Mouthpiece cap protects chamber from unwanted debris
  • Made of non-electrostatic material which means the medicine will not stick to the sides of the chamber

Duckling Masks and Adult Mask for Vortex
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Help patients maintain their respiratory health with potential efficient delivery of medication.

Fill Line of Chamber Masks
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