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Hailie® Smartinhaler®

Remote Patient Monitoring

A leading digital solution for the management of respiratory disease; integrating devices and data to optimize outcomes for patients, HCPs and payers.

Hailie® Sensor

Bluetooth® enabled sensor fits securely around patient’s inhaler and tracks usage and respiratory flow.

Hailie® App

Medication use/Respiratory Flow data is visible in the Hailie® App and uploaded to the Hailie® Web Portal via secure internet connection (cellular data / Wi-Fi).

Hailie® Portal

Health professionals can track adherence and discover further insights through this secure cloud-based portal.

Sensor Key Features

The Hailie® sensor attaches to your inhaler and monitors your medication usage. The Hailie® app provides visualization of your medication usage and medication reminders.
The Hailie® sensor records the date and time the medication is actuated, and stores this information in memory. The Hailie® sensor uploads medication usage to a compatible software reporting application for review by medication users, healthcare professionals, managed providers and payors.

  • Tracks your inhaler medication usage for asthma and COPD control
  • Reminds you when it is time to take your prescribed doses with audiovisual cues
  • Uploads your medication usage data directly to your mobile device using Bluetooth® enabled communications
  •  Displays your medication usage data via the Hailie® app to help you manage your condition better and to share with your health professional
  • Filters exceed ATS guidelines for all criteria
  • Non-Rechargeable battery

The Hailie® Solution: Clinically Proven Effective

  • Increase adherence to preventative medication by 180% in children and 59% in adults
  • Reduce severe exacerbations in adults by 61%.
  • Contribute to significant improvements in quality of life for people with chronic asthma.\The Hailie® platform has been referenced in more than 100 peer-reviewed publications involving over 13,000 patients

On-Sensor Reminders

Reminds patients when it is time to take their prescribed doses.

Tracks Inhaler Medication Use

Monitors and records medication usage and upload the data directly to the Hailie® app.

Addresses Inhaler Technique

Captures valuable insights, such as shake duration, inhaler orientation, peak inhalation, inhalation duration and volume.

Ordering Information

Order Number
Hailie® for Teva ProAir® HFA (Next Gen) Coming Soon!
Hailie® for Advair® Flovent® HFA (Next Gen)
Hailie® for Ventolin® HFA (Next Gen)
Hailie® for Ellipta® (Next Gen)
Hailie® for Symbicort® HFA (Next Gen)
Hailie® for Ventolin® HFA
Hailie® for ProAir® HFA
Hailie® for Advair® HFA
Hailie® for Flovent® HFA
Hailie® for Bevespi Aerosphere®
Hailie® for Symbicort® HFA
Hailie® for Handihaler®
Hailie® for Flovent® Diskus®
Hailie® for Advair® Diskus®

Quantities Available: Each, 25 and 50