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Peak Flow and FEV1 Monitor

A simple home use electronic respiratory monitor that measures PEF and FEV1 and may be integrated with smart phone or tablet for ePRO data collection. It offers greater accuracy than mechanical peak flow meters and eliminates the need for paper record cards.

Available in Three Versions

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  • Measures PEF and FEV1
  • FEV1 has less diurnal variability and is less effort dependent than PEF
  • Displays % of personal best for both PEF and FEV1
  • PEF and FEV1 zones can be personalized
  • Automatically assesses test quality
  • Automatically stores best values
  • Large, easy to read display
  •  Stores 600 test sessions
  •  Suitable for use in clinic with SafeTway mouthpieces
  • Uses long-life AAA batteries
  • Easy to clean mouthpiece and flowhead
  • Language independent


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asma-1 USB version

  • Indicates blow quality, number of blows and diurnal variation
  • Device ID automatically transmitted with the data
  • Ability to add comments to the report
  • Optionally separate graphs of am and pm sessions
  • Information presented in tabular and graphical form
  • Can automatically name the PDF file

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asma-1 Child

Simple to use electronic peak flow meter that measures PEF, FEV0.5, FEV0.75 and FEV1.

asma-1 Reports Include:

  • Subject ID, name, age, height, gender and optional weight field
  • Time/date stamp for each session
  • Best PEF and FEV1 fields automatically populated
  • BMI calculated (from height and weight)
  • Personal best FEV1, PEF and zones as set in asma-1
  • Trend graphs of FEV1 and PEF



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